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Ballet is best known for its graceful, precise movements. It can be enjoyed by all ages and our Baby Ballet classes introduce children age 2-3 to the basic skills needed in a fun context. We teach RAD (Royal Academy of Ballet) which is globally recognised and whose syllabus recently changed (2014) to make it of a higher standard and more prestigious.

Our pupils start the RAD graded syllabus at the age of 5 years working towards the first exam that we enter pupils for which is the Primary grade. However, at 4 years onwards much of the class routine is designed not just for fun but also to prepare the young boys and girls for the syllabus requirements.

Our pupils can then progress upwards through grades 1-5 before deciding to undertake grades 6-8, or the vocational syllabus Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.

We also teach non-syllabus Adult Ballet classes, open to all abilities including complete beginners.

Please note the information below has been taken from the RAD Examinations Information, Rules and Regulations dated 1 January 2014

Age Requirements

For the following grades candidates must have achieved the minimum age by 1 January in the year in which the examination takes place.

Grade with Minimum age

Primary 6yrs

Grade 1-5  7yrs

Grade 6-8  11yrs

Intermediate Foundation 11yrs

Intermediate 12yrs

Advanced Foundation 13yrs

 Recommended Study hours (Advised by the RAD)

Grade 1-3  70 hours

Grade 4-5  95 hours

Grade 6-8  130 hours

Inter Foundation/Intermediate  275 hours

Please note for Grades 1-3 this equates to 2 school years if doing one hour per week and nearly 3 school years for Grade 4-5.

Alignment with National Qualifications Framework

Grade 1-3 GCSE’s graded D-G, NVQ’s at Level 1

Grade 4-5 and InterFoundation GCSE’s graded A*-C, NVQ’s at Level 2

Grade 6-8 AS/A levels, NVQ’s at Level 3

Intermediate/Adv Foundation AS/A Levels, NVQ’s at Level 3


Tap is a lively, rhythmic form of dance which is great fun to dance and to watch. We follow the ISTD syllabus and hold regular exam sessions for those wishing to gain certification of their progress. Children can start tap at age 2 in our Tiny Tap class designed to introduce them to this fun style. We also hold non-syllabus Adult Tap classes for those wishing to learn new skills whilst keeping fit.


Modern Jazz dance is the upbeat style of dance commonly seen in West End shows and in music videos. We run fun commercial jazz classes where children of all ages learn routines to current pop music and favourite songs from musicals. We hold an Advanced Jazz class for students with a strong dance background. We also have jazz for adults, beginners are welcome, although this is a challenging class for all and especially good for fitness


Streetdance is the modern style of dance that you may see in pop music videos. The term ‘streetdance’ covers different styles and it lends itself to interpretation. We hold street dance classes for children and adults of all abilities including complete beginners.


Zumba is a Latin inspired dance fitness programme that originated in the mid-90’s. It is excellent for body sculpting with a mix of high energy cardio work with Latin infused moves that allow you to let the music move you.


Contemporary dance has its origins in ballet, and a strong ballet technique is required, but uses a modern twist to push the body beyond its normal limitations. It improves flexibility and strength and is a great complement to traditional ballet.  Pupils will find this dance difficult without any prior ballet training.


Our Singing Workshops combine vocal exercises and singing practise to develop the vocal skills of our pupils. These classes are hugely enjoyable and have lead to pupils gaining roles in West End musicals.


Our Musical Theatre workshops combine dance, singing and drama to provide pupils with a well-rounded in-depth training in theatre arts, and the opportunity to learn pieces from favourite musicals. Our Tuesday Stage Classes teach a combination of tap, dance and drama and will be performing a piece from ‘Annie’ in our next show! Our new Stage Performance Class which opens in September will consist of a vocal warm-up, singing, dance and drama and will ultimately produce a song and dance number for our next show and any festivals we wish to enter throughout the year.

We have a number of LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) classes in our school timetable with a new one opening on Saturday 7 January 2017 for 8-14 years.
These classes are designed to improve children’s elocution, articulation, acting and performance in order to give them the skills and confidence to succeed in life. Our teachers are professionally trained to coach children in these skill sets which culminates in globally, OFQUAL recognised examinations. These examinations at Level 3 are also included in the current UCAS tariff, with a Grade 6 Diploma currently being 40 points.


Pilates is a form of exercise which develops core strength, improves posture and increases flexibility while giving the body a more toned appearance. We teach ballet-based Pilates for adults of all abilities.


Barre Training is the latest fitness trend spreading the globe with a celebrity following. This increasingly popular exercise regime incorporates the precision of Pilates with the positions, moves and technique of ballet. Add to this the alignment of yoga and the strength from sports conditioning and you will have all of the aspects of a typical barre session.
BarreConcept is a unique ballet barre workout, set to high-energy music, which dramatically transforms the entire body. The focus is on toning the thighs, lifting the butt, sculpting the arms and flattening the abs, whilst simultaneously burning fat. Each session aims to build stamina and endurance, increase flexibility and narrow the waistline. The result is a long, lean physique, strong core and a fitter, slimmer YOU! Our goal is to get you fit, be healthy, feel fantastic and have fun in the process.
This programme has been created to cater for all ages, abilities and fitness levels, so there is a class for everybody. This full-body workout regime focuses on correct technique for maximum results as well as proper alignment, in order to reduce injury risk and unnecessary strain on the body
The BarreConcept Method has international accreditation in the UK, Canada and Australia, so you can be assured of quality, as our experienced instructors are trained to the very highest level.



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