Dance School Timetable

Please contact us on 01895 631858 or email Suzanne on ‘’ for further information on all classes and their availability. We have a pay as you go policy for children aged 2 years up to 4 years and adults, although do require that children aged 4-17 years pay termly. We also require uniform to be worn from age 4-17 years.  However, both the termly fee and uniform are only applied after 3 weeks once you have tried a class, or various classes, and are happy to continue.

All age ranges shown are only a guide. Please discuss with us if your child is outside of the range but wish to be considered for a class as often children may be ready for classes at an earlier age than shown.

Please note our autumn term starts Tuesday 4 September and finishes Wednesday 19 December inclusive. There are no classes from Thursday 18 October -Friday 26 October (inclusive) due to our dance Show at the Beck Theatre and half term.

 Timetable updated 13 June 2018


Uniform is required from 4 years upwards for Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. This can be purchased from our shop.  However, initially while paying as you go for the first 3 classes no uniform is required, your child can where whatever is comfortable.
























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