Suzanne’s Dance School Timetable

Please contact us on 01895 631858 or email Suzanne on ‘’ for further information on all classes and their availability. We have a pay as you go policy for children aged 2 years up to 4 years and adults, although do require that children aged 4-17 years pay termly. We also require uniform to be worn from age 4-17 years.  However, both the termly fee and uniform are only applied after 3 weeks once you have tried a class, or various classes, and are happy to continue.

All age ranges shown are only a guide. Please discuss with us if your child is outside of the range but wish to be considered for a class as often children may be ready for classes at an earlier age than shown.

Please note our Summer term classes finish on Friday 20 July 2018 and we start back in the autumn on Tuesday 4 September 2018.

However, we do have pay as you go ballet classes every Saturday throughout the summer holidays. Anyone can turn up to these whether in our dance school or not. The classes and times are shown below and run from Saturday 21 July to Saturday 1 September inclusive

4 year                                           9-9.45am

Pre-primary and Primary       9-9.45am

Baby ballet (2yrs up to 4yrs)  9.45-10.15am

Grade 1 and 2                            9.45-10.30am

9-14 yrs                                       10.30-11.30am


Timetable updated 13 June 2018


Uniform is required from 4 years upwards for Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. This can be purchased from our shop.  However, initially while paying as you go for the first 3 classes no uniform is required, your child can where whatever is comfortable.